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Data Protection

GDPR, PSD2, and BASEL II are just some of the directives and policies that govern how companies handle data and the movement of data. In this module the learner will discover how the directives can impact the organization and what measures to take to ensure compliance.

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In order to ensure international compliance with AML/CFT, hands-on knowledge development of the every changing  international compliance policies for AML/CFT is necessary. In this module the learner will identify suspicious cases and understand how to mitigate it.

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Cybersecurity Frameworks

In this module the learner will gain a deep understanding of the cybersecurity framework used within the organization. Covering Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ), Control Objectives for Information Related Technology (COBIT), NIST or Privacy Shield. 

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European Financial Regulators

In Development

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Cyber Risk / Threat Intelligence

How exposed are your systems to a cyber attack? Do you know if your organization is at risk and how to mitigate it. In the Cyber Risk / Threat Intelligence module the learner will engage in real world case studies to gain a deeper understanding of secure risk. 

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eIDAS Regulation

Trust is perimonet when dealing with financial transactions. In this module the learner will dive deep into the eIDAS regulation to identify discrepancies in verification mechanisms such as e-signatures.  

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PSD2 / Open Banking

Secure API’s in the financial sector is here. With it’ arrivals comes new challenges and opportunities. In this module the exploration and deep dive of PSD2 in Europe and Open Banking in the United Kingdom will be covered. Engaging students in real world case studies to gain a deeper understanding of PSD2 and Open Banking. 

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West Africa Financial Regulators

In Development

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