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Khallai Taylor

Khallai Taylor

Founder / CEO

Khallai Taylor, the founder of RegTheory has over 18 years of experience as a technologist. With a deep expertise in data intelligence, regulation and compliance, FinTech, teaching and learning having served as a Professor of Software Engineering and undergraduate Dean of Engineering & Computer Science. Her love of data was acquired while working for IBM on data management solutions for enterprise level clients. As an expert in technical education her research on social digital literacy of adult learners has been regarded as pioneering in the field. Having worked within the burgeoning FinTech sector in Berlin and serving on Cybersecurity working groups and committees for NIST she has strong cybersecurity expertise. She started RegTheory  in an effort to address the knowledge gap around cybersecurity and regulatory standards for emerging technologies. Ensuring that companies possess high level and focused human skill sets to apply risk management strategies to reduce  cyber threats and regulatory fines. Khallai also consultants on secure API’s and Blockchain in Africa, America and Europe

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