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RegTheory developed organically from the passion of a seasoned Computer Science professor and Dean with 18+ years of experience having worked for IBM and with Amazon, Microsoft, and Accenture in various capacities. She left America in 2018 to go work for a FinTech in Berlin, Germany. Being embedded within the engineering and sales team a common concern was had by both clients and startups within the financial industry that transcended industry & sector which was the lack of knowledge and awareness of cybersecurity threats and best practices. In addition to the rapidly changing regulatory compliance requirements at a national and international level and with the rise of innovative ways in which cyber attacks occur resulting in heavy financial loss to businesses.

Hence RegTheory was born! To reduce the knowledge gap by providing cybersecurity, security awareness, and regulatory compliance training to organizations and speaking at conferences in Europe, Africa, and the U.S.
RegTheory was founded in 2019 by Prof. Khallai Taylor in Amsterdam and operates out of Accra reaching the untapped sub-Saharan African market and Europe simultaneously. Providing security training, consultancy, and speaking engagements in Africa, Europe, and the U.S. RegTheory is led by an experienced woman who has worked in partnership with the United States Coast Guard, United States Army in creating and operating the inaugural military/civilian intensive cybersecurity bootcamp at Wright Community College in 2017, She is active with NIST workgroups for cybersecurity education, and served as led for cybersecurity workforce group 2015-2017, she also sat on the leadership team and working group for NCWIT responsible for creating faculty training programs to recruit and retain more women and students of color into Technology, Cybersecurity and Engineering 2013 -2018. Additionally, Prof. Taylor participated in the working group that led to the (National Institute for Cybersecurity  Education) Cybersecurity Framework which is now the standard curricula used for undergraduate cybersecurity degree programs in the United States.  Prof. Taylor actively speaks at conferences regarding cybersecurity, data privacy, AI and blockchain across the world.  

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